Blog: I am a FAT Trainer

I am a FAT Trainer: A Blog about Me working and winning and even failing a little on my journey back to health, wellness and fitness.



You know how you can log on and read a million success stories about how someone finally decided it was time, and they worked hard, and got skinny, and now they want to share how they did it with you?  I do!  I have always hated those sites.  I have never been able to figure out why people would rather read how a fat person got skinny than learn how to get healthy from a licensed and educated trainer.  You see, that is my background.  I am a college educated, certificated personal trainer with all sorts of specialties.  The thing is, despite all of my education and training, illness took its toll and I succumbed to the comfort that is food.  I was unable to exercise for many years, and all of my previous years of exercising were quickly erased by sitting, driving and eating.  Long story short, I am FAT!

Many of my clients are getting a fair amount of joy out of the fact that I now must start at ground zero to regain my health and my strength.  And you know what…They are well justified in their joy.  I am the Jillian Michaels, in your face, no excuses, type of trainer.  I did not believe that it was nearly as hard as my clients said it was.  I thought they were weak and whinny.  Boy have I changed my mind.  To all of my former clients I want to say, I’m sorry!  It is even harder than you made it out to be.  Not anyone can ride 10 miles on a bike, not anyone can jog for 1 minute, and not anyone can do all the things that I said anyone could do.  You are all my heroes!  You tried over and over again until you were successful.  You put up with my pushing.  You conquered your challenges and did it with what I realize now, was minimal complaining.  You are all rock stars!

And so begins my journey.  I have exactly 81 pounds to lose to be at an acceptable weight.  I would prefer to be 90 pounds lighter, but doctors tell me that is unreasonable at this point.  Really?  9 pounds more is unreasonable?  Okay!!!  Since I am trying this new thing where I listen to my doctors, 81 pounds it is!  I am not comfortable publishing my exact weight number just yet, but as I become more transparent, I will post it. I am an excessively private person, so this site goes against every fiber of my walled, hidden, private struggles, but I need to post this to help myself accept my challenges and move past them, and so other people can see that other people really do struggle.

Mine is not a success story, yet.  I am joining the ‘rah rah’ crowd and documenting my wins and losses.  I will document each and every thing I try until I reach that 81 pound goal (90 :0) Here is to whining together, winning together, losing together and getting back up and trying again.