Choosing an Exercise Program

Choosing an Exercise Program
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You know how when you watch an Insanity or P90x or Jillian Body Revolution infomercial and you think, “That is so easy, I could totally do that?” No? Well some people do. I don’t know very many of these people, but there a few genetic anomalies in this world that can breeze through the Insanities and P90Xs we all want so desperately to be able to do. The rest of us must work hard to get there. Some of us will choose that extremely challenging program because that is where we want to be. Here is where choosing an exercise program gets interesting. Anyone who has played sports as a child has been repeatedly chided with “don’t take the easy way out” or “if you are going to do it, go all the way”. This isn’t bad advice but, it is generally directed at a child who is trying to cut the corner as he rounds the bases, or cheats his way through the conditioning exercises of a football camp, or decides that her blocking is sufficient because she doesn’t mind get hit while sparring. The thing is, we aren’t children anymore. We know what we are capable of and we know that to improve we must push our limits. What we forget when choosing an exercise program is that just because the lady in the demo is smiling and having an easy time of it and looks amazing, it won’t be that way for us in the beginning. Everything in this world worth having or doing takes hard work and commitment. That being said, hard work has levels.
A marathon runner did not just throw on her shoes one day and decide to go run 26.2 miles. It took months if not longer of training and exposing her body to increased distance and faster paces until one day, she had reached her goal. Believe it or not, the same principles hold true for workout programs/dvds. Just because you want to do Insanity, does not make it the right choice for you right now. Are you the type to quit if you don’t notice right away that it is getting easier? If so, find a different options to start with. It does not make you a lesser person to begin with an easier program. In fact, it makes you a person more likely to succeed because you are planning and working toward all the little goals in the correct order. There are so many high quality workout programs available on the market today. If you shop with a reputable company, the company will provide someone that can help you make the right decision for you. Think about your goals. If you are overweight and have been so for some time, it will take time to lose that weight. If you want to build muscle, you will need a program designed to build muscle. If your goal is to increase your cardiorespiratory fitness, you will need a cardio focused program. When choosing a workout program, think about these things:
1.) Choose a program You will enjoy doing. If You do not enjoy it, you will not use it.
2.) Choose a program that is challenging but not impossible for your current level of fitness. Your fitness level will increase as you consistently exercise and push yourself. Reward your accomplishments with a new fun workout that is more challenging. Your body and your mind will be grateful.
3.) Listen to the advice of a fitness coach. Part of the job of fitness coach is to help people get fit. Crazy right? They are not trying to sell you a program that is easier so that you will have to buy a new program in the future. They are selling you a program that will work with your current level of fitness so that you can achieve success rather than quit when it gets too difficult.
There are many other things to think about when choosing the right workout program for you, but most importantly, it needs to be a program that you will enjoy doing and that you can do. Ask questions, watch demos, research and listen to the advice of someone trained to help you choose.
Fitness programs that you do at home can help you achieve any and every goal you have related to fitness and weight loss. You just need to choose the right program, be willing to start where you need to and advance as you can, and you need to use the program and program guides correctly.
If you have questions about which fitness program may be right for you, ask me. I am qualified to help you pick what is best for you.

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