How To Use Your Foam Roller Correctly

This is a video on how to use your foam roller correctly, posted by Runner’ If you are having difficulty with tight muscles, try this.  Warning, foam rolling can be Continue Reading →

What Body Fat Analyzer to Buy

What Body Fat Analyzer to Buy In the quest to lose weight, we become a victim to our scales inability to move as we gain muscle and lose fat. The Continue Reading →

Choosing an Exercise Program

Choosing an Exercise Program You know how when you watch an Insanity or P90x or Jillian Body Revolution infomercial and you think, “That is so easy, I could totally do Continue Reading →

Suspension Training Review

Suspension Training Review Suspension training is one of the hottest fitness trends in the country right now. Part of its popularity is due to its simplicity. You can train your Continue Reading →

Do You Need Sports Specific Gear?

Do You Need sports specific gear? Have you ever taken a long bike ride in a pair of jeans or gone swimming in an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt? Continue Reading →

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Vitamin Advisor

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Vitamin Advisor If you are wondering what vitamins you need, check out this link to Dr Andrew Weil’s Vitamin Advisor. Answer a few short questions and find Continue Reading →

The Firm Body Sculpting System

If you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home and are looking for a system that works, check out The Firm Body Sculpting System. They guarantee results Continue Reading →

Silk Pajamas For A Good Night’s Sleep

Silk Pajamas For A Good Night’s Sleep   What you sleep in, where you sleep, even what you wear to sleep can affect the quality of your sleep.  Most of Continue Reading →

Bosu: Great Legs, Increased Balance, Toned Core

Bosu: for great legs, increased balance, and toned core. The Bosu is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment. You can simply stand on it to increase your balance Continue Reading →

Recommended Fitness and Health Products

These fitness and health products are recommended by Fit Healthy Edge Staff and are available through this page on Just click on an item on the page and you Continue Reading →