V – Sit-up Video Demo

V – Sit-up Video Demo

Please seek the advice of your doctor before performing this or any other exercise.


1.) Sit on the Ground.
2.) Extend your legs out in front of you, and point your toes.
3.) Keeping your back straight and your chest lifted, lean back and lift your legs into the air.
4.) Balance with your legs straight and your back straight, chest lifted. Extend your arms forward, straight, and parallel to the ground, palms down.
5.) Hold for a count of 100.

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This is a great exercise to work deep into your abdominal muscles. When performing a V – Sit-up, keep your stomach pulled in, your shoulders relaxed, and your chest lifted.

*If you cannot keep your legs straight, that’s okay. Bend at the knees slightly to start, and work on straightening your legs as you progress and get stronger.

** You may not be able to hold for the entire 100 count. If this is the case, touch your feet to the ground for a few seconds to rest, and then return to proper positioning and continue your count from there.

***For a little distraction, pump your straightened arms, deliberately up and down a few inches on each count.

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